"It is strange how we hold on the pieces of the past,while we wait for our futures"
Hey all my beautiful readers, how y'all doing? Well I've been observing that sometimes a decade can pass by in a flash and sometimes monumental things can happen just in a year.

Well,it's very crisp way to sum up our life after school.Seems like yesterday,is'nt it ? So you all might be wondering, why and how out of the blue ,I'm writing on life after school? Well all thanks to the extensive quarantine shenanigans , that bring back school magazines,pictures.Justifying "Yaadein mithai ke dabbe ki tarah hoti hain...ek baar khula to sirf ek tukda nhi kha paaoge", I'd thought of writing all about life after school. Sorry! I often get off the track while writing,but I feel it's the Universe way of telling you how far you have come and how far you have to go! 

SCHOOL ,as when we were kids,all we wanted to grow up super soon , get rid of these boring classes , get rid of exams and kinda get attracted towards the life we see in movies:going out , hanging out with peers, earning , travelling, falling in love and the list goes on...!

But we all must have realised when school ended , with freedom, a lot of burdens were added to the list.It is a sudden change ,like you have just came out of your school days and now it is the time you need to start to assume certain responsibilities and start working for the career, you've always wished for! You make goals for yourself ,of your dream job,of your career , or whatever you want to achieve in life.But I wish, accomplishing these desires is as easy as it sounds.But you achieve these goals with time, with pain , with failure, with series of hard work , with  heartbreak , and a lot anxiety and fear as well.

Talking about my own experience,

I'd to change my school after high school, for my higher studies.There I found myself in a weird space of mind.It hit me that this is not what I really want. That was the reason ,why I was not regular in attending classes,as it was difficult for me to adjust in the environment there.Luckily it did'nt affect my ISC results much , but that two years taught me more than the last twelve years in school.It taught me courage to face the fears, it taught me belief and faith and also that failures are part of our life. Somehow it went off well and again I'd to pass through the same phase of taking admission in college.The feeling was emanicipating that I may not know that what I really want to do ,but I've to do for the sake of my parent's expectations,knowing these are'nt for me made me kinda scary.I'm 20 now and I am still at a similar crossword!College will end soon,but what's next?From holding my mum's hand while crossing the road,to travelling everywhere alone,from being dependent on my dad on everything to taking certain decisions of my life, myself ,I've come a long way,but still a longer way to go!

The next phase of our life excites us,but at the same time scares the shit of us! As we move around, we see people who started with us, getting married ,travelling,or are at the pinnacle of their career.While we are struggling, pushing us forward,hustling hard each day and sometimes wondering, What the hell I'm doing?But you cannot compare your level one with someone's level twenty.

But you know, what I feel,that we have battle with ourselves ,to upgrade ourselves and become better version of us.Many will disagree this,but I feel all of us should believe in the beauty of time.Life is not a race.I know this age and this time (where cut-throat competition exists) can be very overwhelming .We start to loose patience , and you think it is better to settle for mediocre things.But one thing you have to keep in mind ,is what you really want to do in life.Sit down calmly and decide what you want to do and where you wanna see yourself in next 3 or 5 years!

You want to go for just simple and mediocre things or you want the world to be your canvas? It depends on you ,what you wish for and how you achieve it. Dream it , hustle hard and live it.That kaash vali feeling!Chase it !Believe in yourself, your consistency and trust me in  the end it all will be worth it .

Every failure,every heartbreak,every exam that was'nt cracked ,all those nights you have cried,everything will make sense.Just keep prodding yourself forward.You have come a long way but there is a longer way to go.


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